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              • About TAL

              • Mission  Vision  Values

              • History

              • Responsibility

              About TAL Education Group U.S.

              Tomorrow Advancing Life (NYSE: TAL) is a leading education technology company in China. It upholds its core development goals that center on being technology driven, talent-centered, and quality focused. Since its establishment, TAL has committed to integrating technology with education, to deliver a better learning experience for children of all ages.
              Future International Education Center (“Future Education”) is a U.S. subsidiary wholly-owned by TAL Education Group (NYSE: TAL), a leading education and technology enterprise in China. TAL offers comprehensive K-12 tutoring services and smart learning solutions to over 30 million students. The acronym "TAL" stands for "Tomorrow Advancing Life", and reflects our mission to promote quality learning opportunities through premium content, leading technologies, and unique experiences. Future Education is headquartered in Mountain View and starts operation in 2018. It’s the home of TAL’s Silicon Valley R&D Center and Overseas Investment Division.

              The Silicon Valley R&D Center focuses on creating and researching educational and technology innovation. We are building a team of learning scientists, psychometricians, engineers, and researchers committed to personalizing K-12 learning and assessment experiences. We work closely with TAL’s various business groups to bring transformative research and technologies to online and offline classrooms. We also actively work with academic researchers to advance their work through TAL’s rich learning environments and datasets.

              The Overseas Investment Division focuses on growth-stage investments and merger and acquisition opportunities in the education and educational technology (edtech) spaces outside of China. TAL’s investment strategy is to identify and scale edtech companies with advanced educational philosophy and leading technologies. We seek to support learners of all ages through our own and our portfolio companies’ offerings. We have invested in over 100 edtech companies in and outside of China, including BabyTree, Minerva, MakeSchool, Singularity University, Knewton, AltSchool, DaDa English, and DuiA.

              Contact us: careers.global@en.100tal.com
              Address: Suite 320, 444 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041

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              Make learning more efficient and effective, while keeping it easy to cultivate a better learning experience.


              • Technology Driven

                Integrating technology with education, promoting innovation, and leading development within the EdTech industry.

              • Talent Centered

                Constantly attracting the best talent, creating an equal and open collaborative work environment, that allows employees to work happily while continuously develop their skills.

              • Quality Focused

                Provide quality products and services, create values for customers, and bring long-term returns for shareholders.


              • Customer
              • Practical
              • Innovative
              • Collaborative
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              • 2016

                TAL was listed among the Top 100 Chinese Brands by BRANDZ, and recognized as an education brand with the fastest brand value growth rate.

              • 2015

                TAL acquired full shares of First Leap.
                TAL launched gaokao.com and kaoyan.com.

              • 2014

                eduu.com was renamed as jzb.com, and JZB APP was launched.

              • 2013

                TAL Public Welfare Foundation was established, a non-public foundation approved by Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau.

              • 2010

                A branch was established in Shenzhen.

              • 2009

                Construction of two hope primary schools was started in Sichuan.

              • 2003

                First Xueersi class opened.

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              Public welfare

              TAL Education Group has been implementing effective public-benefit activities, based on the idea of "making education accessible to all". The TAL Public Welfare Foundation, set up in 2013, is the first privately funded public welfare foundation in China’s education industry. It follows these same principles by "helping more people enjoy equal education resources", and promoting development within the public education sector. Areas such as education equity, education innovation, and industry development.

              In 2016, the TAL Public Welfare Foundation launched the "Hope Online" (xiwang.com) public platform. With the aims to "promote a balanced development of education through science and technology", it integrates high-quality online courses with EdTech teaching products in underdeveloped regions.

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